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Hors D' Oeuvres

Passed hors d’ oeuvres are only available with full service events.  The amount of pieces prepared & served are listed per guest by each item.  

We are more than happy to assist with calculations. These are just samples of what we can make for your special day.


Taco Phyllo cups, seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, sour cream topped with diced tomatoes (bite size - 2 pp.)                                       

Cranberry & Brie Cups - Creamy brie, cranberries baked in mini phyllo cup (bite size - 2 pp.) 

Fruit Skewer - Pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe and grape (1.5 pp.) 

Spinach & Artichoke Toast Point - Fresh spinach, artichoke, feta, mozzarella & cream cheese on a crostini (1.5 pp.) 

Roma Tomato Bruschetta - Virgin olive oil, balsamic, garlic on toasted crostini (1.5 pp.) 

Creole Seasoned Bacon Wrapped Chicken - Baked Creole seasoned bacon wrapped chicken breast (bite size - 2 pp.) 

Mini Chicken Wellington - Roasted chicken breast wrapped in mushroom herb cheese pate & puff pastry (bite size - 2 pp.) 

Sweet & Spicy Beef Meatballs - Orange glaze & Sirachi Beef Meatballs (bite size - 2.5 pp.) 

Cream Cheese & Red Pepper Jelly Crostini’s - Sweet Red Pepper jelly & Cream Cheese on toasted French bread (2 pp.) 

Hebrew National Pigs & Blankets - Hebrew national hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry with spicy mustard (2 pp

Buffalo Chicken in a French Puff Pastry - Traditional buffalo chicken dip baked in puff pastry (1.5 pp.) 

Caprese Skewers - Fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, with a balsamic drizzle (1.5 pp.) 

Mini Chicken & Waffle with Honey Drizzle - Breaded chicken bite on a mini waffle drizzled with honey (bite size – 1.5 pp.) 

Coconut Shrimp, served with cocktail napkin, Sweet chili sauce (1.5 pp.)

Creole Shrimp & Cheddar Grit Spoons - Creole seasoned shrimp, cheddar grits with bacon & scallions (1.5 pp.) 

Mini Sheppard Pie - Creamy whipped garlic potatoes, diced carrots, peas and ground Beef wrapped in puff pastry (1.5 pp.) 

Shrimp Cocktail - Served on Asian spoon with cocktail napkin, Large Shrimp served on a bed of tangy cocktail sauce (2 pp.) 

BBQ Biscuit Sliders - Hickory smoked pulled pork, sweet bbq sauce in butter brushed mini biscuit (1.5 pp.) 

Italian Sausage & Shrimp Skewers - 2 pieces of sausage & 2 large shrimp with garlic butter (1.5 pp.)

Smoked Salmon Canape's - Fresh smoked salmon, dill & caper cream cheese on mini flat bread (1.5 pp.) 

Mini Crab Cakes, Jumbo lump crab meat, red & yellow peppers, parmesan, with seafood mustard sauce (bite size 1.5 pp.)  

Beef Wellington Purses - Tender filet wrapped in mushroom herb cheese pate & puff pastry (bite size-2 pp.)